TNB Discounts During Covid 19 Pandemic

Good news coming out at a time when there’s very little to be excited about — but TNB has recently announced some relief for all its users under Pakej Rangsangan Ekonomi 2020 (PRE2020). Up to 50% discounts are given according to different groups or categories. But before you get too excited and turn on your ACs more, higher discount rates are targeted for the poor, or rather those who use less electricity.

In summary for residential users:

50% discount if up to 200 kWh usage.
25% discount if up to 300 kWh usage.
15% discount if up to 600 kWh usage.
2% discount if over 601 kWh usage.

Most of the TNB discounts are targeted at Tier 1 (0-200 kWh at 21.8 sen) and Tier 2 (201 – 300 kWh at 33.4 sen), which is already considered to be cheap tariff to help the poor. For residential users, the more electricity you use, the less discount you will get. Thus, if you turn on your AC on a daily basis, you will more likely only receive a 15% or 2% discount from TNB, depending on your usage.

However, our customers who have already installed solar power for their properties, are likely to enjoy 25-50% discount. This is because most PV systems are ideally designed to cover Tier 3-5 of your TNB bill, thus reducing your TNB bill to within Tier 1-2 only. Find out how Net Energy Metering (NEM) will reduce your TNB bill here.

Discounts Also Extended To Businesses

Interestingly, there are “6 Most Affected Sectors” that will receive a 15% discount from TNB. These sectors are for hotel operators, travel agencies, local airline offices, shopping malls, convention centers, and theme parks. At this point, it is the tourism industry that is hit the hardest from Covid 19. Meanwhile, other sectors will only receive a 2% discount as of 4 April 2020.

However, all of this may be revised according to the current situation on the Covid 19 pandemic. Check out TNB’s website for the latest news and updates.