Solar Panel Installer in Malaysia: What To Look For?

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So you have decided that you want to install solar panels for your property, but you don’t know which solar panel installer to choose. Here is a list of things to look out for when deciding to hire a solar panel installer:

1. Listed on SEDA RPVSP directory 

The Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) is a Government agency formed to regulate all renewable energy matters in Malaysia. With this, every solar panel installer in Malaysia must be accredited by SEDA, and can be found listed on SEDA’s directory. Registered Photovoltaic Service Provider (RPVSP) is the technical term for a solar panel installer. 

Only RPVPs are able to apply for the Net Energy Metering scheme. Hence, if your solar panel installer is not listed in SEDA’s RPVSP directory, then they have not gone through the necessary training and certifications required by SEDA. In other words, stay away from these unlisted solar panel installers as they are unqualified.

2. Double Check Wireman Chargeman Solar PV

If your solar panel installer is listed on SEDA’s RPVSP directory, look out for the wireman chargeman solar PV listed there. This a qualified person by Energy Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Tenaga, ST) which every RPVSP must employ.  You can cross check this qualified person at the ST’s website in their list of Registered Electrical Competent Persons. From here, you will be able to confirm that this qualified person is still a practising electrician, with a valid license (see expiry date).

At Empower Solar, we are proud to have the most experienced SEDA Solar PV Wireman and Chargeman with us, who was one of two electricians first certified by SEDA back in 2013; and also a certified ST wireman and chargeman since 2001. 

3. Proper office and website

Your solar power system is supposed to be in operation for at least 25 years (warranty period) and beyond. Therefore, ensure that your solar panel installer has established a proper office, with valid means of contact. A well run website may also be a good indication of a solar panel installer company that is well run.

4. Good track record

This goes without saying, but look at your solar panel installer’s past projects. 

5. Solar products being offered

Ask your solar panel installer: what are the solar products that will be used, in particular the solar panels and inverter. Most reputable solar panel installers will only use top quality tier one solar products, unless specifically requested for more affordable alternatives. As mentioned, a solar power system is meant to last you for many years. Hence, any solar panel installer is not planning for your long term benefit if they are proposing to you cheap but unknown (likely also unreliable) solar products.

Find out about our recommended products here.

6. Customisation

There are some solar panel installers who prefer to sell in packages, which means less designing work for them. While this is not entirely a negative thing, a packaged system may not be the most optimal solution for you. We, at Empower Solar, will customise our designs for every one of our projects; because every customer is different, and every property is different. We take all factors into consideration including your electricity usage, available roof space, budget, any other intentions or requests.

7. After Sales Support

Some solar panel installers will simply pass you on to the product manufacturers for any after sales support. However, most reputable solar panel installers will offer maintenance packages, or other forms of after sales support. This is a good indication that they will be there with you throughout the years, giving you that extra peace of mind.


All in all, after keeping tabs on all the points above, it is also important to meet with a solar engineer or sales rep and have a face-to-face discussion. Ask any questions you may have, and have your solar panel installer do a power study of your property. After all, that’s what we will do for you! Simply get in touch with us here, and our SEDA certified engineers will be in touch with you.