Photo: Actual TNB Bill Reduced By Solar (Part 2)

Since our first article (Actual TNB Bill Reduced By Solar Part 1), there was one big question that we have received from many of our readers:

How does TNB track any unused NEM credits?

To answer this, let’s take a look at another one of our customer’s NEM TNB bill:

Actual TNB bill
TNB bill reduced by solar power

Now, I would like to direct your attention to the bottom right corner of the bill:

This is where you will find any remaining export credits for the billing duration (if any). Here, there is 1183 kWh remaining credits, as the house was still under renovation when our PV installation was completed. These credits can be worth as much as 1183 kWh x RM 0.571 = RM 675.49. In the previous NEM scheme, where credits are given at a fixed rate (RM 0.31 per kWh), the value of the credits will be shown in the TNB bill. However, since the current NEM scheme allows for 1-to-1 offset basis, value of the credits can’t be predetermined — thus shown to be RM 0.00. Meanwhile, expiry of credits is clearly shown to be 2 years from the billing date.

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