Solar System for Industrial Use Cost Way Cheaper In Long Run

There are so many reasons why industrial premises are the perfect candidate for solar power systems. One of the reasons is due to the large-scale operation which relies heavily on manpower and electricity to run certain machines.

In order to accommodate large-scale operations, industrial premises tend to be big and have high roofs to facilitate airflow and allow for maximisation of natural light. However, for some factories, that’s not always the case as they have to rely on an immense load of electricity.

For any businesses that operate in industrial premises, energy usage tends to be the highest during the day. This may increase the business’ operational cost over time. Instead of relying solely on electricity supply, you can install solar panels for industrial used to give you significant savings in terms of the operational cost.


Limitation of industrial solar power systems

There’s always two sides of the same coin. Just like the coin, installing solar power systems at industrial premises have its advantages and limitations. Among the limitations are high upfront costs, grid instability, and technical knowledge for maintenance. Let’s understand these limitations in detail.

High upfront cost

Unlike any of the installation cost that you’ve forked out, solar power systems tend to be more expensive for industrial premises. If installing the system at your house can cost you between RM15,000 and RM20,000 for a basic 3kW system, imagine the cost of installing one at your factory will likely cost hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions. Good news is, the larger the solar power system, the cheaper the cost is per kWp.

Grid instability

As a source of renewable energy, solar panels can affect the distribution grid in terms of voltage quality, power losses, and the operation of other voltage-regulating devices in the system. Studies have also shown that high levels of solar power in the grid may cause problems for node voltages or overhead line flows.


Technical knowledge for maintenance

When you install a complex power system on your factory, you can expect the maintenance to be complex as well. Any issue with the performance is usually related to electricity production, which will eventually affect your returns. This is why it’s important to engage an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) team to constantly monitor and maintain your solar power system, especially if you plans to install solar system for industrial use. 


How much does it cost to install an industrial solar power system?

Installing a solar power system at industrial premises requires high upfront. However, you can still install one at your factory by taking advantage of our solar leasing or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Through the Supply Agreement of Renewable Energy (SARE), you get to install a solar power system at zero cost and enjoy immediate electricity savings. This is because PPA tariff is cheaper than TNB’s tariff.

Additionally, the cost of installing a solar power system on any industrial premises depends on the amount of energy required to power the factory. Which means higher power usage, higher installation cost. Please take note of this if you have plans to install solar system for industrial use. 

Should you decide to install one at your factory and require green financing, there is Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS) by the government, to assist those adopting renewable energy sources to power factory’s operations. At Next Energy, we can help you with all of this and advise on the cost of installation to harness the sun’s full potential. You can contact us at 017-7266177 or visit https://www.nextenergy.my/contact/ if you plan to install solar system for industrial use.