How much does a Solar Energy System cost in Malaysia?

How much does solar panel cost in Malaysia?

The average price for a solar panel in Malaysia is higher than that of other countries because of the country’s high cost of living.

The cost for a solar panel in Malaysia is nearly RM15,000 , which is almost three times the average price in other countries. This is because Malaysia has higher living costs and more expensive labour costs than its neighbouring countries.

It has been found that one-third of Malaysians are not aware of the benefits that come with using solar panels or how much it would cost to set up a system.

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Before buying a solar panel in Malaysia, we need to determine a solar energy system size that is suitable for you. The factors to take into consideration are:

1. Rooftop size

The size of your rooftop will determine the amount of solar PV panels that can be installed. The bigger the roof, the more solar PV panels that can be installed, and the more electricity that you can generate. A flat roof would be best to get the most exposure to sunlight. If your roof is tilted, preference would be to place the solar PV panels on the north or south facing roof. East and west facing roofs can also be used, with proper design and planning.

2. Electricity usage

Equally as important, is to design the solar energy system according to your electricity consumption. It would not be cost effective to install a solar energy system that can generate more electricity than what you normally consume, as you will only getting credits for your exported electricity through the Net Energy Metering scheme.

3. Available budget

The ideal solar energy system size for you is one that matches your electricity usage and your avaliable rooftop space. However, the system should also be one that matches your intended budget.

After taking these three factors into consideration, you can find a cost estimate to your solar energy system here. Do note that this is a minimum cost estimation provided by SEDA, and that prices are likely to be higher depending on the products being offered, location of property, accessibility of rooftop, etc.

Alternatively, you can simply get in touch with us for a free energy evaluation of your property.

Latest update: Malaysia Government has committed to generating 23% of its energy from renewable sources by 2025. With such a commitment, we are sure to see more investments in solar energy systems and the corresponding fall in prices.  If you’re still thinking of where to buy solar panel in Malaysia, then you already have the answer to this question!