Everything You Need to Know About NEM Malaysia

NEM Rakyat Program


In case you haven’t heard, the Malaysian government has introduced the Net Energy Metering (NEM) Scheme 3.0 with a quota allocation of 500 MW to encourage Malaysia’s Renewable Energy (RE) uptake.

If you’re unsure of what exactly Net Energy Metering (NEM) Malaysia is, don’t worry – it is incredibly simple! It means the energy produced from your photovoltaic solar panel system will be consumed first in your household or business before tapping on to energy from the grid (in Malaysia’s case, TNB or SESB).

Furthermore, any excess of energy generated can be sold to TNB or SESB at a set cost by Malaysia’s Energy Commission.

Here’s the best part – NEM 3.0 isn’t just limited to home solar panel systems – it is applicable to all domestic, commercial and industrial customers of TNB or SESB!

With the ever-decreasing cost of solar PV systems as well as easy installation and maintenance, it’s looking like the best time to invest in a solar panel system to generate clean energy while enjoying financial benefits is now!



What Are The Benefits Of NEM 3.0 Malaysia?

Net Energy Metering has been proven to be a boon for both homeowners and the environment, with many benefits that can outweigh the initial upfront cost and process of installing your own solar panel system.

The benefits of Malaysia’s NEM 3.0 are:

  • Reduced electricity bill

The energy generated by NEM customers will first be utilised before taking electricity from your grid provider. This means massive monthly savings from the electricity bills, especially for consumers who fall under the higher tariffs of electricity block prices.

  • Potential financial benefits for businesses

With the NEM, excess energy generated by your solar panel system can be Under the NEM, any excess energy generated will be exported to the utility grid and will be paid at the prevailing Displaced Cost as prescribed by the Energy Commission. The priority is for self-consumption, however some premises especially industry or manufacturing companies which may not be operating during the weekends may have excess energy exported to the grid. The credit shall be allowed to roll over for a maximum of 24 months and net-off at prevailing Displaced Cost.

  • Taking one step closer to renewable energy

Of course, generating clean energy via the sun (which is abundant and potent in Malaysia!) will contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions, carbon footprint and reduce the effects of pollution and climate change!



How To Apply For NEM 3.0

For those interested in solar panel systems under NEM 3.0, here are two ways you can purchase solar panel systems and apply to be part of the NEM scheme:

1. Outright purchase via cash, credit card or a loan from registered Solar PV Service Provider (RPVSP)

In this case, the RPVSP will apply for the NEM scheme on your behalf.

2. Leasing your solar panel system via a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or a Solar Leasing Programme from a registered Solar PV Investor (RPVI)

The RPVI will also apply for the NEM scheme on your behalf.

NEM Rakyat Program


Who Is Eligible For The Net Energy Metering Rakyat Program?



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