Can You Do Solar Panel Installation on Own?

It has come to no surprise to many that solar energy has been a trending pattern in Malaysia over the past decade. Today, many homeowners have ventured into acquiring solar panels for their roofs – but many forgo solar installers in Malaysia and are attempting solar panel installation by themselves.

While many might cite the reason for this as being their home-renovation project, there is usually only one solid reason why any homeowner will pick-up a process as complicated as this cost.

Yes, installing your own solar panels at home will definitely save you the workmanship and technical consultation costs. You might also save quite a sum by purchasing your own parts such as panels, batteries, inverters or even the rack for the panels themselves!


Quick Guide for Self Solar Panel Installation

Here are some of the basic steps when it comes to solar panel installation. Do keep in mind that these are generic guidelines and you should follow any instructions or details given to you by your solar panel supplier! Alternatively, you should seek a solar installer in Malaysia to help with this project.

  1. First, build a rack or a box to house your panel, ideally with a wooden bottom. You should include 1.5 inch rails for both the side and the middle of the panel. However, do note that the size of your panels will denote how much energy you will generate, so keep that in mind when building this!
  2. With the exact size and number of panels required, you can then proceed to build an array of solar cells that are connected to each other. Do be careful as solar cells are often fragile.
  3. Next, place the solar panel cells according to the instructions and solder the tabs of each solar cell. Once they’re in place, these should fit perfectly into your solar panel.
  4. After that, you will need to use a layer of foam tape or water-repellent adhesives to seal the edges of your solar panels. This is due to the common occurrence of degrading solar cells because of moisture that gets inside the unit.
  5. Lastly, you should check if your solar panels are connected to other components such as batteries, charge controllers and inverters to ensure they’re working as they should.

It’s Not Worth To Try And Do it On Your Own

While we admire the DIY spirit for aspiring solar panel owners, solar panel installation is a complex process that might require years of training and expertise to complete successfully.

That’s why when it comes to installing pricey solar panel equipment, having experts with technical knowledge and experience in troubleshooting your project might make a big difference on whether you successfully install a solar panel system for your home.

There might even be legal requirements too – some types of solar panels will require licensed installers or contractors with permits to do so. For that reason, you should always check if your solar panels are DIY-friendly or if they require professionals to carry out your home’s solar panel installation for you!


Next Energy provides winning technical expertise for solar panel installation

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