Let’s Discover The Price of Solar Panels in Malaysia

If you’ve been looking into installing solar panels for your home, one of the first questions you’ll have is probably how much does solar system in Malaysia or what is the actual prices of solar panels in Malaysia. This will affect your decision on whether to buy or lease solar panels.

While there are plenty of resources, contractors and even websites out there that expand on the benefits of solar panel systems in Malaysia, there is a noticeable lack of actual solar system in Malaysia prices that are stated outright.

This is because there is no clean-cut way of answering what the price of a solar panel system is, as it really is dependent on multiple factors.

In this article, we’ll discuss more about what a rough estimated price of a solar panel is, and what are the factors that will affect the final price of a solar panel system for your home.


What Is The Estimated Price Of A Solar Panel System In Malaysia?

The price of your solar panel system ultimately depends on several factors such as the installation’s size and scope, the quality of the solar panel and more.

However, for standard residential installations of 4kW to 12kW systems, the approximate market price ranges from RM15,000 to RM40,000.

Today, there are plenty of options to also lease solar panels from a few registered providers to lower the upfront payment cost of solar panel systems. These can ensure you are garnering returns from your solar panels in Malaysia without the heavy cost of the initial capital required.

What Are The Factors Affecting Solar Panel Prices?

a) Type of installation

There are many different types of solar panel installations. Roof mounts are the most common. However, ground mounts and driveway installations can require additional posts that must be anchored into the ground. This can sometimes create higher labour and component costs.

b) Type of equipment used

The two basic variables with solar panels in Malaysia are power density and colour.

Power density is the amount of power that a solar panel produces per unit of size. As a rule, the more ‘power dense’ the panel, the higher cost per watt. Colour is the other variable with solar panels. The basic panel has a blue cell, a white back sheet, and a silver frame. Modules with a black frame, will have a black back sheet, or black cell and are generally more expensive.

Solar panels in Malaysia are also linked together in one or more groups. Each group feeds into a ‘string inverter,’ which feeds several panels into one inverter. String inverters tend to be more cost-effective than other types of inverters, and hence are a popular choice for homeowners.

On the other hand, microinverters are mounted next to individual solar panels and prevent performance issues if one or more of your solar panels are shaded. Although this type of inverter does have its benefits, they tend to be the more expensive type of inverter.

Lastly, power optimizers have many of the benefits of micro-inverters. They are generally more expensive than string inverters but are less costly than micro-inverters.

c) The type of roof you have

Solar panels can be installed on metal, shingle, and flat roofs. Each type of roof requires different components and varying levels of labour to install.

Shingle roofs require a specific flashing piece to attach the panel racking to the roof. For a ribbed or standing seam metal roof, racking is connected directly to the metal. Panels are installed on a flat roof using a ballast mount – a tray held in place by a concrete block.

d) Interconnection costs

Interconnection is the process of connecting your solar panel system to the community power grid. Each local utility has specific requirements that must be followed, and some of these could impact the type of meter you need, or whether transformer upgrades are required.

The interconnection cost is different for each project, depending on how much solar there is already in your area, the age and strength of the equipment on your line, and the size of the solar array itself.

Hence, these factors can affect the overall cost of solar panel installation and can require a custom quote for the solar installation. This is why working with a professional solar installer can help.

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